Child Abuse Prevention Month

It’s child abuse prevention month, which means it’s time to discuss the ways that we can shift our thinking around how to best prevent the impetus for child abuse, disentangle definitions of child abuse that are enmeshed with “neglect”, and better deal with child abuse once it occurs.

There is no one answer, no cookie-cutter remedy for abuse. The model above serves as starting points for you to dive into research, find coalition spaces to join, and change your everyday behavior.

We will include a list of organizations soon!

All love!

[alt text]:

first model says preventative care work: includes basic family income, reparations, housing, village model communities, healing spaces, respite care, land back, free 24/7 childcare, opportunity to build trusting relationships, PODS (BATJC). second model is a continuation of preventative care work including: mental health support, free and quality health care for all, reproductive Justice, prenatal care, doula access, abortion access, prioritizing disability justice, access to fresh food, learning how to grow food, community accountability processes. the last model is the current normative “prevention” framework including: divvying up limited housing and resources caused by gentrification and climate crisis, surveillance and separation, retributive Justice, incarceration, criminalizing poverty and the consequences of poverty, mandatory reporting laws under the threat of punishment, and reliance on racist, classist, sexist institution for healthcare and benefits